Carrying out a secret ballot in FELIX

FELIX 70-010

What you need to know

In FELIX, polls can be conducted anonymously.
For this purpose, a course is required in which so-called polls are integrated.
With this Helpcard you will learn step by step how to prepare the poll (step 1 - 3) and how to use it to conduct live secret voting (step 4 and 5).
First, copy our course template, which already has 10 polls embedded. You can vote with "Yes" or "No" and you can also "Abstain".
If you follow these instructions, HFU members only, or HFU members and external guests can participate in polls. All you need is the course link and the password you set.
Only course owners or course coaches can view the results.

If only HFU members are eligible to vote, and you would like to enter them manually into the course, this is possible. The following instructions indicate where you have to proceed differently.

What you have to do

  1. Preparation: copy course template & set up password

    • Log in to FELIX with your HFU account.

    • Under Administration (top left), copy the course template.

    • Give the course a name of your choice by overwriting the title.

    • Click on "Copy".

    • The course has been copied and can now be administered by you.

    • Open the Course editor on the top left under Administration.

    • Click on "Applications".

    • Protect the course with a password:
      To do this, go to the "Access" tab under "Applications".

    • Activate "Password" and assign a password of your choice. You can view this password at any time here in the course editor.
      Save your change.

    • Below "Applications" you will find ten inserted "Survey" course elements with the title "Application 1 to 10".

    • You can rename these elements if you wish depending on the reason for your vote.

    • To rename a motion, click on each motion that you want to rename and change the "Short title" to suit your purposes, then save.

    • By default, all persons to whom you send the link and password can vote.
      If you are the owner of the course and you have the right to vote, you have to give yourself this right. Otherwise skip the next step.

    • For each motion on which you are allowed to vote as the owner, open the "Poll" tab .
      There, under "Participation by" additionally activate "Owner".


    • You must publish the changes you have now made. To do this, click on the red cross at the top right. Select the "Publish automatically" option to publish the change. 

    • You have exited the course editor and your changes are displayed in the course view.

  2. Preparation - publish course

    • Before you publish the course, enter the set password once to view the results later.
      Then click on "Verify".

    • If you have forgotten the password: open the course editor under Administration and click on "Applications". In the tab "Access" you will find the set password. Exit the course editor again by clicking on the red cross in the upper right corner.

    • To publish the course, change the status from "Preparation" to "Published".

    • Then open "Settings" under "Administration" and there the "Share" tab.

    • Under "Access for participants", select "Bookable and open offers" and save.
      Select the "Guest"  sharing method and click "Create".

    • If you enter voting persons manually and no guests are allowed to vote, you can leave the sharing method set to "Private".

  3. Preparation - distribute course link

    • To distribute the course link, exit the settings mode by clicking the red cross in the upper right corner.

    • Click on "Course Info" (light bulb icon at the top center of the course) and copy the lower external link (the longer of the two) to send it.

    • If you have entered voting people manually and left the sharing set to "Private", you will only find one link here. If you use this link, the voting persons have to log in to FELIX before voting.

    • The contents of the course can only be accessed after the password has been disclosed.

  4. Holding a vote in the session
    How to release and lock the respective vote live in the session

    • Remember to share the course link and password with those eligible to vote (e.g., in the live chat session) .

    • To be able to vote on a motion, you must release it to those eligible to vote.

    • Open the Course editor under Administration.

    • Click on the motion you want to vote on.

    • Click on the "Access" tab.

    • There, remove the checkmark from "Blocked for learners".

    • Save.

    • Publish the change to make it effective by clicking on the red cross at the top right. Select the "Publish automatically" option to publish the change. 

    • The survey is now available to participants and, if applicable, to you, the owner.

    • If you are eligible to vote yourself, you must first cast your vote in order to then view the results.

    • The results are displayed (for course owners and course coaches) directly in the course element of the motion. For example, click on "Table" to display the results in tabular form.

    • Block access after voting:

    • To block the access again, go to the Course editor under Administration again.
      Click on the application you want to block and then on the Access tab.
      Activate the checkbox "Blocked for learners" again and save.

    • Publish your change by clicking on the red cross in the upper right corner. Select the "Publish automatically" option to publish the change. 

  5. After the session

    • Change the status from "Published" to "Preparation".

    • Call up the Settings under Administration and then click on the "Share" tab.
      Change the setting here to "Private" and save.

    • The course is now only available to course owners.

Problems or questions?