Conducting a poll (quiz)

TWEED 10-015

What you need to know

Tweedback allows you to prepare questions for an auditorium poll (see Helpcard Internal link opens in a new window:10-010) and then conduct this poll live in your event. With the so-called quick choice questions you can also ask questions outside of tweedback (in your presentation, on the whiteboard or verbally) and only specify answer alternatives such as A-B, etc.

General note: poll questions can only be started and executed once. It is not possible to repeat a question that has already been completed. However, questions can be easily duplicated for a new poll.

What you have to do

  1. Log in at External link opens in a new with your Pro account.

    • Your profile and session overview will open.

  2. Click on the title of the desired session.

    • The session will open. Depending on the configuration of the session, you may already be in the quiz area.

    • You can navigate back and forth within the "Chatwall", "Quiz", "Panic" and "Session" sections on the right.

  3. Direct your participants to the auditorium poll. Feel free to use Download file:our template for this.

    • Participants need either the session ID or the URL or QR code to complete the survey.
      The session ID can be found on the right below the tweedback logo.
      To get the link to the session or the QR code, click on "Session" in the sidebar on the right.

    • It may be helpful to explain the method used, the task involved, the objective, and the "rules of the game". Adapt the optional slides of the PowerPoint template to your purposes.

    • Until you start a question, participants will receive the message "Curently there is no active poll".

  4. Start question: To start a question, click on "Start" below the desired question. From this point on, the question is visible and the students can answer it.

    • By clicking on the "tally list" icon on the right above the question for multiple and single choice questions, you can switch to "Show total votes" and observe live how many participants have already answered the question.

    • You can also participate in the poll yourself via the "Give your vote ..." option.

    • Started questions are always listed at the top of the view under "Running".

  5. Stop question: Below the question you can stop the question manually or start a preselected timer by clicking on the clock icon.

    • Finished questions are always listed at the bottom of the view under "Finished".

    • Participants can no longer view the question after finishing.

  6. Publish results: By clicking on "Publish" you can also make the results of the question visible to the students.

    • By clicking on "Hide", the results are hidden.

    • Remember that published results remain visible when starting another question in the session and also when locking a session. So hide the results if necessary.

  7. Carry out question again (if necessary with other answer alternatives): If you want to perform an already finished question again, then click on "duplicate" in the three-dot menu of this question. If desired, you can make changes (e.g. select a different format such as "manual") and save these.

    • The duplicated question will then appear at the top of the "Prepared" section.

  8. For information on how to export, lock and archive session data, please refer to Helpcard Internal link opens in a new window:10-050.

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