Using the chatwall/comment wall

TWEED 10-030

What you need to know

The chatwall function enables, for example, digital storage of questions or can be used for targeted online discussions. Students can anonymously ask questions or leave contributions on this comment wall. The contributions of individual students can in turn be "liked" by other students.

You can moderate the use of the chatwall/comment wall or decide not to. You can also decide whether or not other people's posts can be replied to directly.

Create one session per event in which you enable the chatwall/comment wall feature. After each event session, you can export the chatwall data and "empty" the chatwall for the next use.

What you have to do

  1. Log into tweedback with your Pro account and create a session using the "Chatwall" function (see Helpcard Internal link opens in a new window:10-005).

    • The chatwall settings options will open.

  2. Make the desired basic configurations of your digital chatwall/comment wall. To do this, activate the options described below if necessary - it is not necessary to save after activation.
    You can change the basic configurations at any time.

    • Moderated: If you enable this setting, then you can/must decide which comments are displayed and which are not. You can also activate moderation only if pointless or unrelated comments and posts appear on the pinboard or get out of hand.

    • Send anonymously by default: All participants can write messages on the chatwall under a pseudonym or completely anonymously. If enabled, anonymous sending is preselected for all.

    • Disable replies: Basically, anyone can write new messages or reply to other people's messages. With this option you can disable the direct reply option. In this way, only new messages can be written detached from each other.

  3. Guide your participants to the chatwall. Feel free to use Download file:our template for this.

    • The participants need either the session ID or the URL or QR code.
      The session ID can be found on the right below the tweedback logo.
      To get the link to the session or the QR code, click on "Session" in the sidebar on the right.

    • It may be helpful to explain the method used, the task involved, the objective, and the "rules of the game". Adapt the optional slides of the PowerPoint template to your purposes.

    • Participants can now leave messages on the digital chatwall/comment board.

  4. Depending on the configuration, use the comments or feedback, live in your event.

    • Moderate chatwall/comment wall: If you have this option enabled, then you must "allow" each post by checking the green checkmark in front of the post. Comments without a green-marked tick or comments with a red-marked cross are only visible to you and the person commenting, but not to the other participants.

    • Post comment: Using the option "Enter question or comment here ..." you can leave a post on the chatwall/comment wall yourself.

    • Sort chatwall/comments wall: Using the option "Newest first" you can do different sorting or filtering of the posts (e.g. Newest first, Popular first, ...).

    • Dealing with nonsensical comments: Turn on moderation if necessary. You can also lock a session at any time (see last step), so that the chatwall is still visible for reading, but no further comments can be made. If necessary, turn off the chatwall (see next step).

  5. Disable chatwall/comment wall: After the event, you should deactivate the chatwall via the "Deactivate chatwall" button (at the very top). The entries are then no longer visible for you and for the participants. If you switch on the chatwall, then the posts are visible again for all people.

  6. Empty chatwall/comment wall: You can use the "Empty chatwall" button to irrevocably delete all entries in the chatwall/comment wall. This clears the comment wall again preparing it for use in the next class.

  7. For information on how to export, lock and archive session data, please refer to Helpcard Internal link opens in a new window:10-050.

Problems or questions?