Introduction to tweedback - Creating and managing a session

TWEED 10-005

What you need to know

Tweedback can help you incorporate interactions into your courses during your face-to-face or online lectures and provide a feedback feature.

The main functions of tweedback include...
... the survey function
... the lecture hall polls (quiz function)
... the digital comment wall (chat wall function)
... the live feedback at the push of a button (panic function)

In tweedback you can create and manage so-called sessions, which you can equip with your choice of the above-mentioned functions.

What you have to do

  1. Log in at External link opens in a new with your Pro account.

    • Your profile will open.

    • In your profile you can view and manage your created sessions (change title, archive).

  2. Click "Create a new session" in the upper right corner.

    • The feature overview page opens.

  3. Now choose your features.

    • The chatwall function (=comment wall / digital question store) offers students the opportunity to leave questions / contributions anonymously. The contributions of individual students can in turn be "liked" by other students.
      The chatwall function enables, for example, digital question storage or can be used for targeted online discussions.

    • The quiz function enables you to increase participation through anonymous feedback, interactively turn listeners into active participants, and use direct feedback in real time with instant evaluation. Both knowledge questions (e.g. Which characteristics belong to ...) and competence questions (e.g. Calculate XY) can be shown.

    • The panic buttons collect live feedback at the touch of a button. Learners can thus report typical problems such as "Too fast", "Too slow", "Too quiet", "Please give an example", "Last slide again", "Panic".

    • You can activate or deactivate any of the functions just mentioned at any time within a session. Only the survey has to be activated from the start if you want to use it.

  4. Click "Let me get started!" to create a new session.

    • Depending on the features selected, the settings options of one of the features will open. You can switch between the features on the right and also turn them on and off.

  5. Give your session a meaningful title that will allow you to easily identify the course and event session later.

    • Click on your username in the upper right corner.

    • Your personal tweedback area will open and there you will find all your sessions listed.

    • Click on the three-dot menu beside the desired session and select "Add title".

    • Assign a suitable title, e.g. "Course_code_topic (BWL_Controlling1)".

  6. You can retrieve the session at this point (e.g. by clicking on the title). Depending on the feature selected, you can now prepare the session using the corresponding Helpcard.

Problems or questions?