Using the panic function

TWEED 10-040

What you need to know

With the help of the panic function, you can quickly and easily give your students the opportunity to report typical problems that arise during a lecture by pressing a button. The following six "buttons" are available to participants for this purpose:
- Too fast
- Too slow
- Too quiet
- Please give an example
- Last slide again
- Panic

Lecturers are informed directly in tweedback in the right menu in the entry "Panic" about such messages or can also observe the development over time in a graph.

What you have to do

  1. Log into tweedback with your Pro account and create a session  using the "Panic" function (see Helpcard Internal link opens in a new window:10-005).

    • The panic function opens.

  2. Show your participants where the panic buttons are. Feel free to use Download file:our template for this.

    • Participants need either the session ID, the URL or the QR code to complete the survey.
      The session ID can be found on the right below the tweedback logo.
      To get the link to the sessionor the QR code, click on "Session" in the sidebar on the right.

    • It may be helpful to explain the method used, the task involved, the objective, as well as the "rules of the game". Adapt the optional slides of the PowerPoint template to your purposes.

    • Participants can use the panic buttons immediately.

    • If the panic button is used by a person, it is locked for that person for about one minute.

  3. Watch the panic graph and respond to live feedback.

    • In a time chart, the number of users who have submitted a "panic" message is visualised.
      If you are in one of the other areas (e.g. the chatwall), you will receive a visual message at "Panic". The "Panic" entry is then renamed accordingly (e.g. "too quiet") and highlighted.

    • Tip: You can also open the "Panic" section in another window/tab.

  4. Switch off panic function: After the event, you should deactivate the panic function via the "Deactivate panic" button (above). The entries will then no longer be visible to you. If you turn on the panic feature, then the entries will be visible to you again.

  5. For information on how to lock and, if necessary, archive a session, see Helpcard Internal link opens in a new window:10-050.

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