Sharing content - Applications, Region share, Screen

AVIEW 10-040

What you need to know

As a moderator you have several options to make screen content visible to other participants, i.e. share it.

When you join a room via the app, you can share an application (i.e. an open program on your PC), share an area of your screen (i.e. an alfaview window that you place over the area you want to share), share a complete screen (screen "1" or "2" if you are working with two monitors) or share a second camera (if it is installed).

The "Application", "Region share" and "Screen" options are explained below.
For the "Second camera" option please use Helpcard Internal link opens in the same window:AVIEW 10-050 - "Share content - Second camera".

If you join alfaview via the browser, as a moderator you can only share a complete screen or a second camera (if installed).

As a participant you need VIP rights to use the "Share content" feature.
For more details on how to assign VIP rights, please refer to
Helpcard Internal link opens in the same window:AVIEW 10-030 - "Holding a meeting (lecture, conference, hybrid event) - moderator status".

If you have shared your content, in whatever form, you can decouple it as a separate window (to have better visibility of the other alfaview features, for example. This feature is described in Helpcard Internal link opens in the same window:AVIEW 10-035 - "Holding a meeting (lecture, conference, hybrid event) - setting up workspace optimally".

What you have to do

  1. Click the "Share content" icon, the third from the left in the top centre toolbar.

    • A submenu with the options, Application, Region share, Screen, Second camera, is displayed.

    • (If other monitors are connected, they will also be listed in the selection menu).

  2. Share content

    1. Click on "Application".

      • A list of your open programs will be displayed.

    2. Click on the program you want to share and on the then blue "Share" button at the bottom right.

      • The selected program is displayed in the presentation area of alfaview.

    Region share
    1. Click on "Region share".

      • A window with a blue border appears with a "Start" button.

    2. Enlarge and/or move the window around to select the desired area of your desktop then click "Start".

      • The selected desktop area is displayed in the presentation area of alfaview.

      • The border of the window changes to red (= live transmission).

        Orange = Pause: If you change the window during transmission.

      • As soon as you release the mouse button, the window border changes to red,
        i.e. live, i.e. visible to everyone.

      • Click on "Pause" (double bar symbol) before changing the section.

        You can prepare window arrangements or markings in this way.

        Click again on the double bar symbol for live transmission - the window border turns red.

      • Please do not show people videos with this function. In this way you create an optical duplication of the video material and thus a kind of infinity effect.

      • To show a PowerPoint presentation, it is better to choose window mode instead of full screen mode in PowerPoint. This will help you keep track of what's happening in the room.

      • To start PowerPoint presentation with animations in window mode, click on "Set up slide show" and select the option "View through a single person (window)" there. In this mode, animations are displayed and you can use the drawing tool. However, you will not have access to the notes area.

        Alternatively, you can leave the PowerPoint presentation in "Edit mode" and thus retain access to the notes area, but have to do without any animations that have been created.

    3. Click the square in the top right corner of the title bar (=stop icon) to stop the screen sharing.

      • The transmission is stopped, the window border turns blue and "Region share" is displayed in the title bar.

    4. Click on "Close" (X icon) in the upper right corner to remove the blue border as well.

    5. "Markers" option

    6. Click the pencil icon in the title bar of the transmission window.

    7. Select one of the coloured dots displayed and use this colour to mark up the selected area.

      • You can now mark up your transmission window as required.

    8. To remove your markings, click the pencil icon again.

    1. Click on "Screen".

      • The entire desktop (full screen) of your monitor is displayed in the presentation area of alfaview.

      • If you are working with two monitors, the menu display will show "Screen 1" and "Screen 2".

        If you point the cursor at either "Screen 1" or "Screen 2", a blue highlighted number "1" or "2" will indicate which screen is meant.

      • If multiple participants have shared your screen, the names and the shared content appear in mini format on the bottom right.
        You may need to click the appropriate name to see the content in question.

      • In this mode you will not be able to make any marks or remarks (see Option "Region share" - "'Markers' option") on your shared content.

    2. Click "Stop" in the "Content share" submenu if you want to stop the screen sharing.

Problems or questions?