Using a second camera

AVIEW 10-050

What you need to know

During an online lecture, it may be necessary for presenters to use a second camera for separate recordings in addition to the first one.

The following steps show you which settings you have to make in alfaview to be able to connect a second camera.

What you have to do

  1. Connect the second camera to your computer.

    • Required drivers are installed on the operating system, the camera is recognized and can be used.

  2. Click on Screen share and then on Second camera   to start the recording with the second camera. (Visually recognizable by the blue Screen share icon and the blue Second Camera option).

    • The image from the first camera will shrink to make room for the new window with the image from the second camera.

    • Information about the effect of bandwidth settings: the second camera is not disabled when you reduce the bandwidth usage to the "Minimum" option - it remains visible - only the main camera is disabled.

  3. Change source of the second camera: Click on the Second Camera option to display the available video input devices and select your desired source of the second video image there by clicking on the camera name.

    • The larger video window shows the desired image from the second camera.

  4. Change the image quality of the second camera: switch to Video in the menu and change the resolution to the desired value using the Secondary camera quality dropdown.

    • The quality of the second camera adjusts to the selected resolution.

    • Please be aware that the options listed are affected by the recording device you are using.

  5. To deactivate the second camera again, click on Screen share again and then click Stop.

    • The second video image disappears, the video image of the main camera takes its place and enlarges again. (The Screen share icon changes back to disabled: )

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