Video course element, embed code and link list - when do I use what?


What you need to know

Video course element
The frequently used approach of making videos available as a stream in FELIX via a video course element cannot be a permanent solution in view of the limited storage space on FELIX and the current need for more storage space.
Therefore, if possible, videos should no longer be uploaded to FELIX as a video element, but rather to the media portal.
A connection of the video element to the media portal does not currently exist.

Advantages of the media portal:
- offers sufficient storage space.
- offers the possibility to upload media of up to 2 GB (although it is recommended to upload smaller files, otherwise a very long upload and conversion time can be expected).
- offers transcoding (videos are playable with all browsers/on all devices)

Connection of the video module to the media portal is currently not possible.
Instead, videos uploaded to the media portal can be made available to students in FELIX either via embed code or via direct link.

The most "student-friendly" variant and thus our recommendation: embedding via embed code (see Mepo Helpcard 10-050) in an HTML document (e.g. in a single page).

Direct streaming in FELIX without having to switch platforms (as long as "guest" is also allowed for media permissions (see Mepo Helpcard  10-030), otherwise students have to be logged into the media portal in the background).
Multiple, e.g. thematically matching, videos can be inserted into a single page or a single page per video can be created.

Direct links via link list
Students are redirected to the media portal via link and can stream the video there with or without log-in (depending on the settings in the media permissions) and with or without password (depending on the "type" of publication).
The link list (see FELIX Helpcard 30-130) provides a way to display links clearly.
If you want to group links to a certain topic, you can collect links to all kinds of websites, books, videos etc. in the link list.

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