FELIX and Media Portal hand in hand - embed code

MEPO 10-050

For Use

The media portal is still online. However, it is currently not possible to log in to the media portal. Please contact FELIX support (felix-support@hfu.eu).

What you need to know

Our recommendation is: embed your videos directly into FELIX via embed code, so your students can play the videos directly in FELIX without having to switch platforms.

Maybe our video clip will also help you?

What you have to do

  1. Embedding via "Embed-Code" allows your students to play the video directly in FELIX.
    In FELIX, you need a "Single Page" (HTML) to embed the embed codes of videos (see step 2).

    • Log in to media.hs-furtwangen.de and go to your media on your profile.
      Click on the video you want to add to your FELIX course.

    • The video opens and you will see the "Share" function.

    • Click on "Share" (Figure 1.1) and then copy (e.g. using CTRL + C) the embed code (1.2) to your clipboard.

  2. Go to your FELIX course. Add a "Single page" if it does not already exist (see Felix Helpcard 30-040).

    • Edit it in the course view by clicking on the pencil (Figure 2.1).

    • Open the source code (Figure 2.2) and paste the embed code from the clipboard between the two paragraphs (<p>) as shown in Figure 2.3.
      Save. Then click on "Save and close".

    • The video can now be played directly in FELIX by students in your FELIX course.

    • You can also place multiple videos under each other in a single HTML page by repeating step 2 for more videos.

    • Tip: compose a message in your FELIX course (see Felix Helpcard 30-060) informing your students that a new video is available in your course.

    • In order for the video to be played directly in FELIX by the students, "Guest" must remain activated in the media permissions (see Helpcards 10-020 and/or 10-030, step 7).
      If you deactivate "Guest" in the media permissions, the students have to be logged in to the media portal first to be able to play the videos in FELIX.

Problems or questions?