Using a folder in multiple courses (resource folder)

FELIX 30-032

What you need to know

A resource folder is a special folder that can be linked to multiple courses.
If the resource folder is integrated into the courses with the course element "Folder", then the set files can be downloaded by the participants of the courses. If Word, Excel or PowerPoint files have been created within the resource folder, then they can be edited by the participants of the courses with the course element "Document" or the course element "Folder" (see HelpCard Internal link opens in the same window:20-120, Internal link opens in the same window:30-220 and Internal link opens in the same window:30-030).

What you have to do

  1. In the "Authoring Area" click on "My Entries" (above) and select "Resource Folder" under "Create".

    • The "Create Resource Folder" window opens.

  2. Give the resource folder a title and click "Create".

    • The "Settings" of the resource folder open under "Info".

  3. Close the "Settings" with the red cross (top right).

    • The resource folder will open.

  4. Use "Upload File" or "Create document" to upload the file(s) you want to use in multiple courses.

    • You do not need to unlock or catalog the resource folder.

    • You can find the resource folder under "My entries" if you want to manage or add files at a later time.

  5. Open one of the courses that you want to connect to the resource folder.
    In this course, under "Administration" (top left), select "Settings" and "Options".

    • The options will open.

  6. Under "Selected resource folder", click "Replace". Then select the resource folder in the list and "Save" the selection.

    • The title of the folder appears after "Selected resource folder".

    • We recommend that you leave the default setting "read-only" unless you want the set Office programs to be editable in the "Folder" element.

    • In the individual course elements (folder/document) it is not apparent that the files are files from a resource folder.
      Due to the write protection, files can only be deleted or added in the resource folder itself.

    • The editing of the created Word, Excel and Powerpont files is excluded from this write protection in the "Document" course element. However, if the Word, Excel and Powerpont files are to be edited via the "Folder" course element, you must deactivate the write protection. You can change the write protection in the settings at any time.

  7. Click on "Course editor" in your course under "Administration" (top left).

    If you want to offer materials from the resource folder for download, insert a new folder element under "Insert course elements" (see further steps 8 to 10).
    Note: you can also use an already existing folder. However, if there are already files in this folder, they will be retained.

    If you want to insert the created files for joint editing, select an already existing document element or add it under "Insert course elements" (see further steps 11 to 13).

  8. Click on "Folder configuration" in a "Folder" module.

  9. Select "Use folder from course storage folder" and click "Select folder".

    • The "Create storage folder" window opens.

  10. Click on "_sharedfolder" and confirm with "Select folder".

  11. Click the "Document" tab in a "Document" course element.

  12. In the "Select Existing Document" area, select "From File Folder".

    • The "Select Document" window opens.

  13. Select the corresponding file under "_sharedfolder" and confirm with "Select".

  14. Click the red cross (top right) to close the course editor. Select the "Publish automatically" option to publish the change. 

    • The desired folder or document will not be displayed in the course structure until it has been published.

    • To include the resource folder in other courses, repeat from step 5.
      If you want to include more documents for editing, repeat the steps from step 11.

Problems or questions?