Inserting a file

FELIX 30-030

What you need to know

The "Folder" block has a preset memory capacity of 100 MB.

If required, you can increase the capacity. To do this, write to your support via the service desk (see below for contact details) with the following information: Title of the course or group and title of the folder.
The newly set storage capacity will not be copied when copying the course! However, you will keep all materials. When renewing or adding more files in this folder, you will have to apply for the extended storage capacity again.

If you need files in several courses, you can include a so-called resource folder in your course, which will then display the uploaded files in all connected courses (see Helpcard 30-032).

What you have to do

  1. In your course, click on "Course editor" under "Administration" (top left).

    • The course editor will open.

  2. In the course structure (left), activate the course element under which the new element is to be inserted. Under "Insert course elements" (above) in the category "Knowledge transfer" select the element "Folder". Alternatively, you can use the "Quick-Add" search function.

    • You can also move the block later by dragging and dropping.

  3. To rename the course element, in the "Title" field enter the title you want to be displayed in the course. If necessary, abbreviate the title in the "Title in course menu" field. "Save" your entries.

    • The "Title in course menu" will be displayed in the menu on the left. Since the menu has a fixed width, a maximum of 25 characters is recommended.

    • Under "Insert additional information" below, you can enter, for example, learning objectives and instructions for learners.

    • Under "Folder configuration" you can grant students the right to upload files. Then students can upload files as well as create files themselves - e.g. in OnlyOffice - and edit them with others (see Helpcard 20-120).
      For example, we recommend pointing out in the course editor in the tab "Title and description" that this should only be edited directly by the participants and not opened by clicking on the name of the file. If the latter is done, the file will be downloaded. This bears the risk that files are not edited synchronously but offline and that newer versions are overwritten during the upload.

      Furthermore, you define in the "Folder configuration" where the data (files) of this folder will be stored in the storage folder of the course. We recommend that you leave the default settings.

    • Since files in folders can be viewed and downloaded by all students, the participant folder (see Helpcard 30-080) or the (group) task course element (see Helpcards 30-090/30-100) is more suitable for individual exchange with students.

  4. Click the red cross (top right) to close the course editor. Select the "Publish automatically" option to publish the change. 

    • The new element is not displayed in the course view until it has been published.

  5. Add your file(s) to the folder with "Upload file" (top right) (see Helpcard 30-031).

Problems or questions?