FELIX and Media Portal hand in hand - direct link

MEPO 10-060

What you need to know

Integration via a links list in FELIX allows your students to access the video via a link and watch it on the media portal.

What you have to do

  1. Log in to media.hs-furtwangen.de and go to your media on your profile.
    Click on the video you want to add to your FELIX course.

    • The video opens and you will see the "Share" function.

  2. For hidden and password-protected videos, copy the direct link (not the perma-link) to your clipboard (see Figure 2.1).
    For a publicly uploaded video, use the displayed perma-link.

  3. Create a Links list in your FELIX course (see Felix Helpcard 30-130) and paste the copied link there.

    • Tip: Compose a message in your FELIX course (see Felix Helpcard 30-060) informing your students that a new video is available in your course.

    • Depending on the setting you entered in Media Authorization (see Helpcard 10-020, step 7), the video can only be viewed after your students have logged in (the "Guest" checkbox is deactivated).
      If guests have also been granted permission to view the video, the video can be viewed after clicking on the link, without logging in.

    • For password-protected videos, access is possible only after entering the password.

Problems or questions?

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Log a support request with the Service Desk under "Medienportal" at servicedesk.hs-furtwangen.de.