Importing test questions into the question bank

FELIX 40-120

What you need to know

We recommend that you manage questions for tests/self-tests directly in the so-called question bank (see Helpcards 40-100 and 40-110). This allows you to use the questions flexibly in different tests/self-tests and/or to create, edit and manage the questions together with third parties.

If you have already created tests, you can import the questions from these tests into your question bank.

If you already have the questions in a Word or Excel file, you can also import most question formats using an Excel template. Please contact FELIX support (see below for contact details).

What you have to do

  1. Open the test you want to export under "Authoring" in "My Entries".
    Then click on "Edit content" under "Administration" (left).

    • The editor will open.

  2. Select the three-dot menu (top right) "Export to pool" under the respective element (see info below).

    • If you select a section or a specific question before exporting, only these questions will be transferred to the bank (pool). If the top test element is selected, all questions of the test will be exported.

    • A message with the number of exported questions appears.

  3. Open the "Question bank".

    • The question bank will open.

    • Under "My questions" you will find your personal list of questions.
      Under "Public shares", you may find a list of question banks that you use to share with third parties. To create such a bank, contact your support with the bank title and the names of all third parties (see contact details below).

  4. Click on "My questions" under "My question bank" (on the left).

  5. Select the imported question(s) and click on "Change metadata" at the bottom.

    • The "Change Metadata" option opens.

    • In the "General" section, enter a topic (e.g. Needs pyramid), a keyword (e.g. Application example) and/or additional information (e.g. Subject - business studies).

  6. Confirm the change(s) with "OK".

    • Expand your table view by clicking on the gear icon in the top right-hand corner, check the box next to "Subject", "Keyword" or "Additional information" and save (you may need to scroll to view all question data).

  7. Once all questions are configured, create a test (see Helpcard 40-130).

Problems or questions?