Creating a test from the question bank

FELIX 40-130

What you need to know

After you have created/imported your questions in the question bank (Helpcard 40-110 or Helpcard 40-120), you have to assign the desired questions to a test.

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What you have to do

  1. In the "Question bank", select the questions you want by placing a check mark next to them.

  2. Click on "Create test" at the bottom of the page.

    • The "Create Test" window opens and provides an overview of the selected questions.

  3. Confirm with "Create test".

  4. Give the test a title and click "Create".

    • Do not use umlauts and avoid all other special characters except (), / \, -, _.

    • The new test with the selected questions opens in the test editor.
      The questions have been inserted below a section. Sections are used to structure the test.

    • Questions from the question bank cannot be automatically changed or corrected in the test. If you want to change/correct a question again after setting it in the test, there are two possibilities:

      (1) Delete the question to be changed from the test (see step 9), change/correct the question in the question bank and add the question to the test again (see step 8).

      (2) Select the question to be changed in the test and click on the "Question bank" tab and click on "make a copy and edit". This will decouple the question from the pool question. You should only choose this variant if you only want to change the question for this specific test, but the question in the pool should remain unchanged.

  5. Select the top test element (left) and under "Test configuration" configure the desired test settings for the entire test (e.g. time limit, required score).

    • The test settings can also be set or changed in the respective course into which the test must be integrated after completion (see Helpcard 30-160).

  6. Below this top test element is an automatically created section that contains your inserted questions.

    Click on the "Section" (left) and give the section a title.
    "Save" the change.

    • Assign a short section title (max. 40 characters) to avoid moving the layout.

    • How to randomise the questions within one or several sections in one FELIX test is shown in Helpcard 20-070.

  7. You can create more sections or even sub-sections.

    Click on "Add elements" and then on "Section" to create another question section if necessary.

    • The new section will be added.

    • You can drag and drop questions from the existing section to the new section. Questions are always inserted as the last question.

  8. You can add more questions to the created sections. Add further questions from the question bank to the respective section under "Add elements" with "Import questions from pool". Tick the respective question(s) and click "Select".

    • The questions are inserted below the last question in the respective section. They can be moved by drag&drop.

  9. Delete a set question by selecting it and clicking "Delete" (on the right). Confirm the deletion process with "Yes".

  10. Close the test editor with the red cross (top right) to preview the questions.

  11. In the last step, integrate the test created into the desired course (see Helpcard 30-160).

Problems or questions?