Playing videos with audio in alfaview - installation and configuration of VoiceMeeter

AVIEW 10-080

What you need to know

To view videos in alfaview via screen sharing together with audio transmission requires the installation of a software that enables all your audio sources to be mixed together on the PC.

Such a tool for Windows is for example VoiceMeeter.

For MacOS there is Loopback (not free, but discounted via
Academic Discount).

What you have to do

  1. Install software that mixes your sound sources together, e.g. VoiceMeeter.

  2. Carry out a restart of the PC/laptop.

  3. After the reboot, bring up VoiceMeeter and start the configuration, as also shown in Figure 3.1 in steps 1-4
    (Enlarge figure: You can enlarge the figure by clicking on the green square in the upper right corner).

    • Select your sound output (e.g. your headset) by clicking A1.

    • If you have a choice, select "MME" and not "WDM" - as shown in the figure.

    • Select your desired microphone (e.g. headset) by clicking on the "1" at "Hardware Input".

    • If you have a choice, select "MME" and not "WDM" - as shown on the picture.

    • Deactivate the "A", otherwise you will hear yourself.

    • Leave "B" activated, otherwise you cannot be heard by your students.

    • Activate "mono" so that the volume of your voice is equal on both stereo channels.

    • Via "Virtual Input" all other sounds of your screen are transmitted. Always leave "A" and "B" activated there so that you and your students hear everything the same. You will find further options in the manufacturer's user manual.

  4. You have successfully completed the one-time installation and configuration of VoiceMeeter.

  5. Now, to play a video in alfaview with audio, please follow the HelpCard 10-085  every time you want to do this.

Problems or questions?

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