Rapidmooc is an all-in-one video studio that lets you record high-quality videos on your own and independently.
With the option of integrating the speaker in front of the presentation slides, you can personally address your target audience in your videos.

Since December 2020, you can now use the new Rapidmooc Studio Pro to record your videos.

Currently, the Rapidmooc is located in the L Building in Room 1.03 in Furtwangen.
If you are interested in a production in the Rapidmooc, please write a ticket Email application is started:felix-support(at) .
You will then receive all further information directly from us.

Note: There is no English version of Rapidmooc, therefore all commands in these translated helpcards are also shown in German in inverted commas (e.g. "Zurück").

  • Department ZLL | Learning Services
  • Phone number 07723 920 1382
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The following helpcards are valid for the rooms:
  • FU-L1.03
  • Howto Rapidmooc