Every member of Furtwangen University automatically has an email address of the Internet domain when they receive their HFU account. To manage this email account, HFU offers the official service HFU Webmail.

As an additional service, HFU  provides the necessary interfaces and protocols to manage the email accounts with external email programs as well. Unfortunately, further support for individual email programs from other providers is not possible!

Only members and affiliates of the university according to §4 of the Basic Regulations are entitled to an HFU account.

The administration, as well as all service facilities of the university, will only use your HFU email address for email communication with you. This is the only way to ensure your identity. Requests sent with the sender/response address of external accounts may not be answered.

The HFU account of students will be deleted with a transitional period of 3 months after they have left the university or been exmatriculated. The email account will also expire. Continuation is not possible. The HFU account of employees will be deleted at termination of employment.

We recommend backing up important emails regularly and informing all contacts of the impending change in good time or disseminating a replacement address. For example, the "Automatic out-of-office message " function can be used for appropriate automatic notifications. Instructions for this can be found on the corresponding HelpCard EMAIL 10-070.

Helpcards available