Recording with Snagit

AVIEW 10-060

What you need to know

Snagit is a software for screen recording and simple screen videos. You can easily and quickly make screenshots or videos and then create tutorials from them with or without sound.

You have the options to: record applications, audio and webcam; switch between applications; as well as pause the recording.

As of now, HFU teaching staff can use Snagit as a campus license. Adjunct faculty are not eligible for licensing.
If you are interested in a license, write a ticket to "Learning Services" via the service desk ( putting "Snagit license" in the subject line, and we will send you a license key.

What you have to do

  1. If you are interested in a license, please write a ticket to "Learning Services" via the service desk ( putting "SnagIT license" in the subject line, and we will send you a license key and installation instructions.

    • Snagit has been successfully installed on your operating system.

  2. In the Snagit Capture window, switch from All-in-One to Video.

    • You will see the video capture settings.

  3. Adjust the recording settings by configuring the "Record microphone audio" options accordingly: select a connected microphone or similar audio device as a source.

    Also, enable the "Record system audio" option.

    • A suitable recording device has been stored in the "Record microphone audio" option.

    • The "Record system audio" option is enabled.

  4. Set up the environment for the exposure if you have not already done so.

    • You have selected a suitable view for the recording (e.g. an ongoing online training via alfaview or a software application).

  5. Click on the big red button "Record".

    • You switch to Snagit's area selection (indicated by the crosshairs).

  6. Select a specific window with a single click (the selection of the recording will be limited to this window), or click and drag a selection yourself with the mouse pointer.

    • The desired area on your desktop is highlighted and initialization is complete.

    • You can scale the selection afterwards and also assign a fixed height and width using the two input fields.

    • Wait until the initialization has been completed and no more loading bars appear.

  7. Start the recording by clicking the red recording button on the control bar.

    • A countdown is counted down, then the recording starts.

    • You can use the menu to pause or stop recording at any time, switch between the screen and your connected webcam, and restart recording.

  8. Stop recording by clicking the blue rectangle on the video controls, and then save the video using the Snagit Editor by clicking "File" and "Save as".

    • You have stored a video recording as an mp4 file in your desired file directory.

    • Optional "Post-Capture Editing" Step: you can use Snagit Editor to edit your footage after you capture it. For example, you can remove individual sequences from your capture, or combine multiple sequences into a video.

Problems or questions?