Playing videos with audio in alfaview - configuration before each meeting

AVIEW 10-085

What you need to know

You have already installed VoiceMeeter or another software that allows you to mix all your sound sources together on the PC (see HelpCard

The following steps are necessary to successfully perform a video transfer with sound in alfaview.
These steps should be checked again before each online lecture in which you want to transfer videos with sound.
The settings may change, e.g. due to updates, and should then be configured again.

What you have to do

  1. Before you want to play a video in alfaview, make sure that VoiceMeeter is open in the background.

  2. Check the settings in VoiceMeeter, especially the selection of sound sources, as shown in HelpCard 10-080.

  3. Open alfaview and select VoiceMeeter as microphone (see Figure 3.1).

    • Leave your desired output device (e.g. headset) at Speaker (see Figure 3.2).

  4. Make sure that the noise reduction  is disabled and set the voice activation level  all the way to the left (to "0") so that all sounds of the video can be played "unfiltered".

  5. Check if VoiceMeeter is selected in your sound settings of the operating system you are using. To do this, click on the speaker icon in the taskbar (see Figure 5.1).

  6. Play a video. Your students should now be able to hear the audio.

  7. The transmission with sound does not work?

    • Please check the settings 1-5 again first.

    • Log out again and log into the room again. Check the settings in the alfaview room again, as described in step 3.

    • Even if already correctly selected, select the loudspeaker and microphone (here: VoiceMeeter) in alfaview again.

    • Restart the operating system again.

    • Check whether the microphone or headset used is recognized and used by the operating system by default (see FAQ AVIEW-1040).

Problems or questions?

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