Applying for a guest link for an alfaview meeting

AVIEW 10-090

What you need to know

You are planning an event in alfaview in which people without an HFUaccount should participate (e.g. prospective students)?

You would like to invite guest speakers to an online lecture?

Participation in an HFU alfaview meeting is primarily only possible for members of Furtwangen University with an HFU account. However, you can invite guests via a so-called guest link to an online meeting or online event.

Applications for this purpose should be made to the Service Desk.

What you have to do

  1. Write a subject (e.g. guest link) and your request text (see Fig. 5.1 below, enlarge the image by clicking on the green box in the upper right corner).
    To issue a guest link, we must have the following (keyword-like) information:

    • alfaview meeting room

    • Type of meeting (online event / online meeting)
      Examples for online events: Event for prospective students, award ceremonies with several external persons.
      Example for online meeting: Invitation of a guest speaker to a lecture

    • Link public (e.g. website)? (yes / no)

    • Date of the meeting / event and expected period (time from/to)

    • For larger online events: approximate number of participants expected (under 100 or over 100)

    • Room reservations cannot be made via the service desk. For this, please contact the room planner of your faculty.

    • All guest links will be unlocked so that a technical test run will be possible in advance.

  2. Then "Submit" your request.

  3. You will first receive a confirmation of receipt from the Service Desk, then, after processing, the guest link and further information.

Problems or questions?