User roles and rights and user management

BBB 10-005

What you need to know

By sharing a link, even those without an HFU account can join a meeting in BigBlueButton.
The following three roles can be held in BigBlueButton: user, moderator or presenter.
The rights of these roles are hierarchically ordered and can be assigned dynamically in the meeting.

As the creator of a meeting, you are automatically assigned the role of moderator. If no other people with presenter rights are present, you are automatically assigned the role of presenter.
If you do not change the default setting of a room, other people enter the room as users.

What you have to do

  1. The individual roles can be recognized by the following icons (see Figure 1.1) and have the following rights:
    User: recognizable by the round icon. As a user, you may speak if you have joined with a microphone. If no restrictions have been made by the superordinate roles, users are allowed to write in the public and private chat as well as in the notes. Users can be promoted to moderators or presenters.
    Moderator: recognizable by the rectangular icon. The moderator has all the rights of a user. He/she can also remove other persons from the video conference and restrict the rights of users. Moderators can create breakout rooms and end a conference for everyone. They can independently assume the next higher role of presenter and thus have additional rights.
    Presenter: recognisable by the rectangular icon plus monitor icon. This role is authorised to upload a presentation, create polls, share the screen as well as restrict rights of presenters and participants or promote them to other roles.

    The options available to you as a room owner with presenter rights to moderate a meeting are explained below.

    • Only one person at a time can have presenter rights.

      If multiple people within a meeting have presenter rights through the room settings or through shared ownership of a room, the first person to join a meeting with presenter rights is automatically given presenter rights.

    • Common source of errors: every person, regardless of their role, can also decide whether to join the meeting with or without a microphone. Joining without microphone is indicated by the headphone symbol in the respective icon. This can be changed by performing step 1.3 of Helpcard 10-060 or by logging out of the meeting and logging back in with microphone.

  2. As the room "owner" and thus moderator of a meeting, you can remove users from the meeting who are disruptive or have joined the meeting without permission.

    • Click on the icon of the person.

    • Select "Remove user".

    • The user will be removed from the meeting.

  3. As the room "owner" and thus moderator of a meeting, you can promote and demote users.

    • Promote a user to moderator: click the icon of the user you want to promote.

    • Select "Promote to moderator".

    • The user now has presenter rights and can now obtain presenter rights through you or independently.

    • To cancel the promotion, right-click on the icon and select "Downgrade to user".

    • If the corresponding user has presenter rights, you can regain the presenter rights by clicking on the "Plus icon" (bottom left) and "Become a presenter" (or clicking on your own icon).

  4. As the room "owner" and thus moderator of a meeting, you can also manage users.

    • Click the gear icon above your own icon.

    • You can now change settings, for example:
      - Clear all status icons set by users (such as raise hand)
      - Mute all users
      - Lock viewers

    • Selecting "Lock viewers" enables you to restrict viewers from using specific features, for example
      - Webcam
      - See other viewers webcams
      - Microphone
      - Public and/or Private chat
      - Shared notes
      - Visibility of other users

      By doing this, you only restrict the rights of users, not those of other moderators.
      If you have restricted the users' rights, the status "Locked" will be shown beside users in the users list.

  5. As the room "owner" and thus moderator of a meeting, you cannot activate the microphones or webcams of other users.

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