Creating a meeting room, inviting users, starting and ending a meeting

BBB 10-010

What you need to know

We recommend opening BigBlueButton via Google Chrome. There you can set up a room for your meeting and send a generated link to your participants.

By setting up a meeting room, you are the moderator - and usually also the presenter of the meeting.

What you have to do

  1. Open the browser and enter:

    • The start screen of BigBlueButton appears.

  2. Select the "Login" button (top right) and log in with your HFU user account.

    • The login screen for entering the user data appears.

  3. If necessary, create a new room via "Create room" or use the "Start room". You can open the room settings of a room via the three dots.

    • The room settings window appears (see Figure 3.1).

  4. Enter a room name. Clicking the cube icon will generate an access code (optional) that you must send to your participants along with the access link.

    • By default, any person who knows the URL (and possibly the password set) can call up the meeting - but cannot start it until you, the room owner, also join the meeting.

    • The following additional room settings can be made via the sliders if required:
      "Mute users when entering": participants join the meeting on mute to minimise unwanted background noise. The microphone can be switched on by the users at any time.

      "Release by moderator before entering the room": a moderator must allow entering participants to enter.

      "Any user can start the conference": anyone who knows the configured room code can start the meeting without you as the meeting creator starting it.

      "All users join as moderators": all entering participants become moderators. Presenters can independently take on the role of presenter. Do not activate this function if you want to set "Release by moderator", because this function "cancels" the "Release by moderator", so to speak.

      Even without this setting, you as the moderator can upgrade a user to a moderator or presenter or downgrade them to a "regular" user at any time in the meeting.

  5. Now click the "Create room" button.

    • The room is created and the URL generated is displayed.

  6. Select the "Copy" button to send users the link to the conference. You can open the room yourself at any time by clicking on "Start" (to enlarge the image, click on the top right).

    • People who know the link can attend the meeting (even without an HFU account).

    • The URL is displayed in the chat window once the meeting has started.

  7. To display your full name in the meeting instead of your abbreviation, click on your profile in the upper right corner.

    • The account information opens.

    • Make the change under "Full name".

  8. To end a meeting, people with moderator rights have two options: within a started meeting, click on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner.
    If you select "End meeting", the conference is ended for all participants. If you select "log out", you log out, but the meeting continues for the other users.

Problems or questions?

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