Holding a conference - uploading a file

BBB 10-020

What you need to know

As a presenter, you can upload files (instructions on this HelpCard) and present, as well as use the whiteboard (if necessary together with other participants) (see HelpCard 10-025).

As the owner of a room, you are automatically the moderator of the meeting. If you are the sole moderator of the meeting, you are automatically given presenter rights. You can promote other users to presenters at any time (by clicking on the icon of the corresponding person).

Each BBB room has a default sample presentation whose slides you can use as a whiteboard (see HelpCard 10-025). You can also upload your own files. By default, your files cannot be downloaded by other users - you must first actively allow this.

The starting point is an existing connection to a conference room, i.e. you have created a room, entered it and there are already users in it.

What you have to do

  1. I would like to upload my own presentation.

    • To do this, select the blue plus at the bottom of the main screen and the option "Upload a presentation" (see Figure 1.1).

    • The "Upload" screen appears.

    • Drag the file you want to upload into the dashed window or select the file via "Or search for file".

    • We recommend uploading files as PDFs to ensure unrestricted viewability of the content. BigBlueButton does not store uploaded files long-term within a room.

    • To upload the selected file, click "Upload" in the upper right corner.

    • The uploaded file appears in the meeting room.

    • Select the arrow keys or the drop-down menu to navigate in the presentation.

  2. I want to switch between my uploaded files or use the sample presentation as a whiteboard.

    • Upload your files as described in step 1.

    • To switch between uploaded files, click the plus icon in the bottom left corner and click "Upload a presentation" again.

    • Select the file (green tick) that you want to present.

    • Click "Confirm" to select the desired presentation and return to the room view.

    • You can delete files at this point by clicking on the trash can symbol.

  3. I want to deposit a file in the room for a longer period of time and replace the default presentation.

    • On the start page, click on the three vertical dots at the desired room and select "Add presentation" (Figure 3.1).

    • Upload your file.

    • If necessary, start the meeting.

    • The file is stored in the meeting room until you replace or delete it via the start page or in the meeting room itself.

Problems or questions?

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