Holding a meeting - presenting a file and using the whiteboard

BBB 10-025

What you need to know

As a presenter, you can use the whiteboard with others.

As the owner of a room, you are automatically the presenter of the meeting. If you are the sole presenter of the meeting, you automatically have presenter rights. You can assign other users to be presenters at any time (by clicking on the corresponding person's icon).

Each BBB room has a default sample presentation whose slides you can use as a whiteboard. You can also upload your own files to which you can make additions, see Helpcard 10-020.

The starting point is an existing connection to a conference room, i.e. you have created a room, entered it and there are already users in it.

What you have to do

  1. On the right side of the screen, there are several options (see Figure 1.1) that you can use within a presentation or on a whiteboard:
    You can use tools (pen, geometric shapes, text box; see Step 2), undo or delete annotations, and turn on the multi-user whiteboard.
    You can use these tools on any page of a presentation. Any blank page (e.g. starting from page 2 of the sample presentation) can function as a whiteboard.

    • With the hand symbol you get a pointer (red dot is displayed). If you scroll with the mouse wheel, you can zoom in and out and then also move the slide with the hand symbol. You can also use it to open the presentation tools (pen, geometric shapes, text box) (see step 2).

    • Use the arrowto undo the action you carried out on the whiteboard.

    • Use the trash can to delete your actions, such as additions to the whiteboard.

    • The multi-user whiteboard icon allows you to allow users to make additions to the whiteboard. Multi-user mode is activated by clicking on and deactivated by clicking on . If the multi-user whiteboard mode is deactivated, you delete all inserted annotations (your own and those of the users) with the trash can icon.

  2. Using tools: click on the top icon of the "Toolbar" (default is the hand icon; depending on the selection of the tool, this default changes). Now select the desired presentation tool.

    • Click on the pen to draw freely in various colours and line thicknesses.

    • You can also insert geometric shapes such as rectangles, triangles or ellipses, as well as lines, and choose any colour and stroke thickness for each.

    • By clicking on the "T" you can then insert a text field (create a text field with the mouse on the file). Font size and colour can be selected in the bar.

    • There is no function in BBB to save the created annotations. You can save them using screenshot.

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