Holding a meeting - using the "Screen share" function

BBB 10-030

What you need to know

As a presenter, you can use the Screen share feature.

To use this feature, the person who wants to share the screen must be a presenter. You can assign presenter rights to other users by clicking on the corresponding icon  (select: "Make presenter").

Only one person can have presenter rights at a time.

The starting point is an existing connection to a meeting room, i.e. you have created a room, entered it and there are already users in it.

What you have to do

  1. To share the screen within a started meeting, select the PC "Share screen" icon at the bottom of the screen.

    • Confirm the selection with "Allow".

  2. A "Screen share" window opens. You can now share the entire screen, an application window or a Chrome tab.

    • It is usually recommended to share only one application window or Chrome tab instead of the entire screen. This will prevent you from accidentally sharing personal applications.

  3. Click on the "Share" button.

    • The selected screen section is displayed to you in the conference window and is visible to the users.

  4. You can end the share by clicking on "End share" or by clicking again on the PC icon in the lower screen bar.

  5. Note: do not select your own BigBlueButton session for sharing. Otherwise you will have the following effect (see figure).

Problems or questions?

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