Holding a meeting - creating breakout rooms (subrooms)

BBB 10-045

What you need to know

As a facilitator you can set up breakout rooms to conduct group work,for example.
You can create between two and eight breakout rooms. Users can be assigned to a breakout room either by you, randomly, or independently.
The breakout room opens in a new tab and users can switch back and forth between a breakout room and the main room.
The breakout room can be terminated automatically after a period of time or by you at any time.

What you have to do

  1. In a meeting, presenters can create breakout rooms (indicated by a rectangular icon).

  2. You can "Create Breakout Rooms" using the gear icon on the left.

    • The breakout room settings open.

  3. Select the desired number (between two and eight) of rooms. A duration of 15 minutes is preset. You can delete or adjust this. After this duration has elapsed, a breakout room is automatically closed

    • You can close breakout rooms at any time, regardless of the duration set.

  4. You can now:
    - randomly allocate the users to the rooms created by clicking on "Randomly assign"
    - assign the users to breakout rooms via drag&drop
    - "Allow users to choose their own breakout room" (allowing them to switch between rooms as well).

  5. Then confirm the breakout room settings by clicking on "Create" (top right).

    • The breakout rooms are created. Users can enter the selected breakout room. Breakout rooms open in a new tab each time.

    • Users can switch between the main room and sub-room at will if you have activated "Allow participants to choose their own breakout room".

    • Late arriving users can also still be assigned to a breakout room. In the main room, click the gear icon above your name and select "Breakout Room Invitation".

  6. You can join any breakout room at any time. In the home room, click on "Breakout rooms" (left). Select the breakout room you want to join.

    • When you leave the home room, it may be advisable to restrict user rights (webcam and microphone) in the home room (see Helpcard 10-005, step 3). This prevents users from accidentally switching between your breakout room and the home room. By deactivating the camera and microphone in the home room, you can see that you are currently in the "inactive" room.

    • Deaktivieren Sie ggf. auch Ihre eigene Kamera im Hauptraum, wenn Sie während den Breakout-Sessions dort nicht aktiv sein möchten.

  7. To end breakout rooms, click "End All Breakout Rooms" in the home room.

  8. The last page opened remains in the breakout room. For example, work orders can be given, visible to each group.

  9. Users are given the role of presenter in breakout rooms and can thus become presenters in the breakout rooms at any time.

  10. If "shared notes" or the chat function are used in a breakout room, they are no longer accessible after the time has elapsed. Results would have to be saved before this happens.

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