Experiencing problems with audio and / or microphone

BBB 10-060

What you need to know

Before participating in an online session with BigBlueButton you should ensure that the intended devices for image and sound transmission (webcam, headset, etc.) are correctly connected and functioning. The following instructions are intended to assist you in this process.

Note: the following instructions are primarily intended for users who use the Windows operating system. Please use the instructions in a similar way if you are using another system, such as Mac OS or Linux.

What you have to do

  1. In the BigBlueButton room, check the recording device currently used by the system by disconnecting the audio connection (phone handset below) at the bottom (see Figure 1.1), then reconnecting it (see Figure 1.1) and selecting the "With microphone" option.

    Then click "No" on personal echo test. (see figure 1.2)

    • The "Change audio settings" window opens.

    • If you cannot hear the other participants, change the speaker output (see Figure 1.3) until you can hear the test tone.

    • If you cannot be heard by the other participants, select another source under "Microphone input" (see Figure 1.4) until you can hear yourself in the echo test.

    • If you are not heard by the other participants, although you have selected a correct "Microphone input", check whether you have selected the "Listen only" option when entering the room.
      You will recognize this by the fact that a "headphone" icon is displayed next to your icon in the users list.
      In this case, disconnect the audio connection (headphones below), and reconnect (telephone handset below). (see Figure 1.1)
      Select the "With microphone" option and confirm with "Yes" if the echo test is positive. (see figure 1.2)

  2. Try changing the browser e.g. to Google Chrome.

  3. Check the connection of your microphone, headset or webcam.

    • The connection cable is intact and plugged into the correct sound recording socket of the computer or laptop.

    • If you find any damage to the cable or jack, replace your recorder.

  4. Check that the microphone or headset you are using is recognized by the system by going to "Start > Settings > Devices" and seeing if your recording device is listed under "Audio".

    • The desired input device can be found in the listing.

    • If your microphone or headset is not listed, the device has not yet been installed correctly. Add it by clicking on "Add Bluetooth or other device".

    • If necessary, install a suitable driver.
      For this, you can carry out a troubleshooting if indicated (see Figure 4.1)
      You can still update the drivers via the Device Manager (see Figure 4.2).
      Further information or the option to download the appropriate driver can usually be found on the manufacturer's website.

  5. Also, check if the microphone or headset you are using is used by default by going to "Start > Settings > System > Sound" to see if your recording device is selected under Input.

    • A visible deflection of the recording level can be seen under "Test microphone" as soon as the recording device is exposed to noise or speech.

    • If the current selection of the device under "Select input device" is not correct, select the desired device using the dropdown.

Problems or questions?

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