Click and Collect during Corona

BIB 10-015

What you need to know

The HFU libraries are currently closed in accordance with the Baden-Württemberg Corona regulations.

Our e-media is of course always available, but you can also borrow print media by Click and Collect.

You can order media (books, inter-library loans, reservations) and pick them up from our libraries on an agreed date.

The following options are available:
1) Order by email or telephone
2) Order over the library catalogue (OPAC) or over the BOSS search portal.

What you have to do

  1. Ordering by email:

    • Contact us by email or telephone with the following information: your user number, the book number(s) and the desired pick-up date.

    • The media can be picked up on the agreed date.

  2. Order over the library catalogue OPAC or the BOSS search portal

    • Click on the detailed view of the required medium on the green "Order/Reserve" button and log in with your HFU account. Detailed instructions on how to place orders in BOSS and OPAC can be found here: Ordering/reserving a medium

    • You will receive an email when the book is available for pick-up.

  3. Please be aware that the media you have ordered will be placed in front of the library in Furtwangen and Tuttlingen for pick-up alphabetically by name.
    If you do not wish this to be done, please let us know.

  4. In Schwenningen pick-up is possible from Monday to Friday from 11.00am until 2.00pm.

  5. Returns can be made in Furtwangen, Schwenningen and Tuttlingen over our Return Boxes.

Problems or questions?

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