Search for and integration of ebooks

BIB 30-010

What you need to know

The module "Searching for and integrating ebooks in distance learning courses" shows you ways to search for ebooks licensed by the HFU libraries and make them accessible in your scripts in the form of links.

What you have to do

  1. Go to the HFU Libraries webpage and click on the green Library search button.

    • To have full access to all licensed ebooks off campus, log in to the university network via the VPN client. Some publishers also allow the use of their ebooks via Shibboleth (Helpcard BIB 10-010).

  2. Use our BOSS search portal to search for ebooks in our "Library Catalogue".
    Under "Articles & more" you will also find international scientific literature, e.g. ejournal articles, eresearch reports and euniversity publications.

    • When you call up the advanced search, various search fields appear. Each input field is provided with a selection menu with which you can select the search field (e.g. title, author). You can combine the search as you like. With the setting access option "online" and specification of the media type "book" you immediately get a short hit list of eligible ebook titles and save yourself a great deal of search time!

  3. To access the full text, click directly on the link "To the online document" in the short title display. Alternatively, you will find all information on local online access and the link "To the online document" in the lower third of the complete title record of the ebook.

    • Take advantage of the offer of the HFU Libraries and link to licensed ebooks in your FELIX course instead of uploading ebooks, book chapters or articles! To provide links you can either use a "Singe Page" (Helpcard BIB 30-040) or include the resources via "Link List" (Helpcard BIB 30-130).

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