Databases for Business Studies

BIB 50-050

What you need to know

General information on the DBIS Database Information System can be found on Helpcard BIB 50-010.

Click here for the Business Studies section of the database.

What you have to do

  1. Use the TOP Business Studies databases selected by the HFU libraries for your search.

    • The TOP databases can only be accessed off campus if you have installed and opened the VPN Client. (Helpcard BIB 10-010).

  2. You will find two search examples in the Business Source Premier TOP database:

  3. General search example

    • Connect with the University network over the VPN Client (Helpcard ).

    • The DBIS opens.

    • Enter "Business Source Premier" in the quick search (Schnelle Suche) box and click on "Go!" or click on Business Studies (Wirtschaftswissenschaften) in the subject overview.

    • Select the Business Source Premier database and click on the Start search (Recherche starten) link.

    • This video explains how to search in the Business Source Premier database.

  4. Search example: Company profile (Firmenprofil)

    • Carry out steps 1-5 of the first search example.

    • Open the Advanced Search (Erweiterte Suche).

    • Click on more (Mehr) in the blue list.

    • Click on Company Profiles (Firmenprofile).

    • In the search box enter the name of the company you are looking for, e.g. "Hugo Boss" and click on search (durchsuchen).

    • If there is a company profile, it will appear in first place on the list of hits.

    • Click on the PDF symbol.

    • The full text of the document will open.

    • The video linked here explains how to search for a company profile.

Problems or questions?

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