Installing the Citavi reference management software

BIB 60-010

What you need to know

Citavi is a reference management and knowledge organisation programme. Citavi supports you in preparing your scientific publications. With Citavi you structure your work, research and manage literature and evaluate it. With the help of Citavi, you can create your bibliography automatically and according to standards in different citation styles.
The Citavi cheat sheet provides an overview of all Citavi functions. Numerous video tutorials, a detailed manual and personal support are available for Citavi.

Citavi is windows based. A web-based version is in the works. Using Citavi on Mac requires additional measures.  In addition, other free alternatives, such as Zotero and Mendeley, are available for Mac users.

The Citavi campus license is free of charge for HFU members. Training and advice on how to use Citavi is provided by the HFU Libraries.

What you have to do

  1. Go to the HFU Libraries webpage and click on the green Library search button.

  2. Select Citavi.

    • The Citavi page opens.

  3. Students click on "Student", HFU employees click on "Faculty or staff member".

    • The input mask for the email address opens.

  4. In the "My work email address" field, enter the email address of your
    HFU account and click on "Next".

    • You will receive an email with a confirmation link.

  5. Confirm your email address by clicking on "Confirm email".

    • You will be redirected to the Citavi page.

  6. Fill in the form with your information, tick the usage agreements and then click the "Done" button.

    • You will be redirected to the Citavi login page.

  7. Log in with your previously assigned data.

    • Your online account will now be displayed.

  8. To download Citavi, click the link found at "How to use the license in Citavi for Windows".

    • You will be redirected to a download page.

  9. Click on the red "Download now" button.

    • A dialogue box opens.

  10. Click on "Save file".

  11. Save the set up file in the directory of your choice.

  12. Start "Citavi6Setup" and follow the instructions given.

    • You have successfully installed Citavi.

  13. To work with Citavi, we recommend using Citavi Picker.

    It helps you to transfer data from the Internet or from PDF documents into your
    Citavi projects faster.

    How to install it can be found in Helpcard BIB 60-020.

Problems or questions?

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