Installing Citavi Picker

BIB 60-020

What you need to know

Before installing Citavi Picker, you must install the Citavi reference management system (Helpcard BIB 60-010).

The Picker helps you to transfer data from the Internet or from PDF documents into your Citavi projects more quickly.

The following browsers are supported:
Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer

In addition, Citavi Picker works with Adobe Acrobat or
Acrobat Reader.

What you have to do

  1. Open the Windows Control Panel.
    You have two options for this:

    • Use either the key combination Windows + R. The Windows "Run" window opens. Enter "control" there.

    • OR type "Control Panel" in the Windows search.

  2. In the Control Panel window, click on "Programs".

  3. Select "Programs and Features".

  4. In the following "Programs and Features" window, search for "Citavi6".

  5. Right-click "Citavi6" and select "Modify".

    • The Citavi Set up program opens.

  6. Click on "Next".

  7. Keep the "Change program" setting and click "Next".

  8. In the "Custom Set up" window, select the program you want to change and click "Next".

    • Select the program(s) in which you want to install Citavi Picker.

  9. In the following window click on "Install".

  10. Click on "Finish".

  11. The picker will now be installed in the selected application.

  12. After successful installation, the Citavi Picker icon will appear:

  13. After installation the picker may still have to be activated in the corresponding browser.

Problems or questions?