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BIB 80-010

What you need to know

This course gives you an insight into the services of the library on the Tuttlingen Campus. We will accompany you throughout your studies and give you an overview of the various search options.

Broad research - into textbooks, newspaper articles and databases - is a basic requirement of academic work.

You will also be given an introduction to using Citavi, which enables you to structure and reuse your literature sources.

Help and instructions on how to use all library services can be found here.

What you have to do

  1. Info about the library

    This video shows you where you can find the library on the Tuttlingen Campus. It also gives you information about the library facilities and the services we offer.

  2. Study rooms and creative spaces

    In this video you'll find out more about our study rooms and creative spaces.

    • For your teamwork use the comfortable working atmosphere in Groupwork room A 1.04, which was designed in cooperation with the students of the Faculty of Industrial Technologies.

    • The study islands in the foyer and the workspaces in the library offer further creative workspaces.

  3. Getting started on your research

    This video and this helpcard show you how to begin your research and what you have to be aware of.

    • The academic language is English. Linguee is a good tool for the translation of specialist terms.

  4. Search using the library BOSS and OPAC catalogues

    This video shows you how to use BOSS to search for media.
    Further information on searching for print and online media in the library catalogues can be found on this Helpcard.

    • If you would like to access our online media outside the campus network, use this Helpcard.

    • This Helpcard will assist you in ordering print media from the other campus or in reserving borrowed media.

    • We explain how to use your library account with all the self-service features in this Helpcard.

  5. DBIS Datenbase information system
    This video shows you how to access DBIS.

    • Further information on the databases and access options are shown on this helpcard.

  6. Citavi literature reference management system

    This video explains why we recommend using Citavi.

    The following helpcards explain how to install Citavi (in German): Citavi for Windows and Citavi for Mac.

    • The Citavi YouTube channel explains the most important functions of Citavi in short videos, for example how you set up projects or produce academic work with Word.

Problems or questions?

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