First steps in HFU Webmail

EMAIL 10-010

What you need to know

To log in to HFU Webmail (, you will need your HFU account, which you will receive upon admission or when you start your employment.

What you have to do

  1. Enter your HFU user name and the corresponding password in the login screen.

    • Below the logIn data you have the possibility to switch to another language. You can find another option under "Settings" > "General" in the "Language" section.

    • Drag the slide switch in front of "Remember username" to the right to permanently save the user data.

  2. Confirm the entry with "Enter" or click on the right arrow.

    • HFU Webmail opens (see Figure 2.1) .

    • The menu (at the top of the right side of the screen) shows the mode ("Calendar", "Address book", "Mail" ) you are currently in (see Figure 2.2).

  3. Configure the "General", "Calendar", "Address Book" and "Mail" sections under the Preferences (gear icon  on the left side of the screen, next to your account data).

    • In the "General" area you set, among other things, which standard module is displayed as the start page and how often the view is refreshed.

    • In the "Calendar" area under "General" you select, among other things, on which weekday your calendar should start. Under "Categories" you manage the existing calendar categories. Under "Invitations" you prevent an invitation to appointments from third parties.

    • In the "Address Book" area under "Categories" you manage the existing address book categories.

    • In the "Mail" area under "General" you configure, among other things, the display of your folders and general settings.

      You will find separate HelpCards for the following topics:
      Filter: Creating filters and rules for incoming emails (see HelpCard EMAIL-10-040).
      Signature: Setting up an email signature (see HelpCard EMAIL-10-050).
      Absence: Activate automatic out-of-office message (see HelpCard EMAIL-10-070).
      Forwarding: Forward incoming messages to additional email addresses (see HelpCard EMAIL-10-030).

  4. Click on the disk icon (top right) to save all changes made.

  5. Tip: Set the following settings as default:

    • We recommend that under "Mail" > "General", you activate the option "Always open mail composer" and select the setting "In a popup window" here. This way you can position the "Compose Window" in such a way that it does not cover any important information in the displayed window.

    • It is also useful to activate (below) the option "When sending mail, add unknown recipients to my" and select the setting "Collected Address Book" here. This way, addresses you use for the first time will be automatically saved in your address book.

  6. You can log out of Webmail at any time using the Exit button  (top right).

  7. Select (top right) the respective mode in which you want to work next.

    • Mail: Receiving, sending, managing your emails

    • Address book: managing existing, creating new contacts

    • Calendar: Organising and managing appointments

Problems or questions?

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