Setting up a filter

EMAIL 10-040

What you need to know

With the filter function, emails can be filtered according to characteristics (e.g. a certain sender or a word in the subject) and handled in a certain way. (e.g. forward to colleagues or move to a folder).

What you have to do

  1. After logging in, select the gear icon  for "Preferences" in the upper left corner and then click on "Mail".

    • The "Mail" configuration area opens.

  2. Click on "Filters" (see Figure 2.1) and on the right on "Create Filter" (see Figure 2.2).

    • The window for entering the filter options opens.

  3. Give this filter a name and select whether the filter should apply to all incoming messages, to all conditions which can be selected, or to at least one of the conditions.

    • You add conditions by clicking the plus icon. You can choose between subject, sender and recipient and/or co-recipient.

  4. Use the plus icon to the right of "Add an action" to add one or more actions that should be executed in accordance with the rules.

    • Important:
      The action "Discard the message" deletes a corresponding email irretrievably.
      We strongly advise against setting this option. Under certain circumstances, "good mails" can also be deleted. The action "Forward the message to" makes more sense.

  5. Confirm your entries with "OK" and - if desired - create another filter.

  6. Click on the disk icon (top right) to save the changes made.

Problems or questions?

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