Creating an auto reply message

EMAIL 10-070

What you need to know

The " Vacation auto reply message" allows you to send an automatic message to senders of incoming emails within a defined period of time.

Please note:
Setting up the auto reply message must always be carried out in webmail even for users of Thunderbird, Outlook and Apple Mail.

What you have to do

  1. After logging in, select the gear icon for "Preferences" in the upper left corner and then click on "Mail".

    • The "Mail" configuration area opens.

  2. Click on "Vacation" and place a check mark next to "Enable vacation auto reply".

    • The menu for the automatic reply message opens.

  3. Select the "Auto reply subject" option and enter the desired text for the subject. Directly below you can enter the Auto reply message text.

    • The template for the message text of the automatic out-of-office message can be found in FELIX in the CD manual in chapter 4.4 Out-of-office message.

  4. If you want the auto reply message to also respond to emails sent to your shortcode address, click on "Add default email" (see Figure 4.1) and enter this address too (see Figure 4.2).

    • You can see whether an auto reply message is currently activated by the changed letter icon in the upper right corner (see Figure 4.3).

  5. Set the "Days between responses" and specify the period (Enable auto reply on/Disable auto reply on) when the auto reply message should be sent.

  6. Click on the disk icon (top right) to save the changes made.

Problems or questions?

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