Searching, filtering, categorising

EMAIL 10-090

What you need to know

To log in to HFU Webmail (, you will need your HFU account, which you will receive upon matriculation or when you start work.

After logging in, you will usually see the email mode as the start page. If you have selected a different start page under "Preferences" (top left > gearwheel icon ) in the "General" section (see also HelpCard EMAIL 10-010), then activate email mode (top right) with this icon

What you have to do

  1. If you are looking for an email, first select the respective folder (e.g. Inbox, Sent, Drafts...) in the structure on the left where you want to search for the email. Then click on the magnifying glass icon  above the list of emails. 

  2. Enter the search term in the search field and optionally select on the right of the input line, the area within the emails you want to search (e.g. Subject, Sender or Entire message).

    • The found emails are listed below.

  3. Sort your emails e.g. by subject, sender, date of receipt or size (ascending or descending) using the menu  in the top line (see Figure 3.1). 

    • The menu opens and the corresponding setting can be clicked (see Figure 3.2).

    • The arrangement of your emails changes according to your settings.

  4. Mark your emails as favorites. To do this, select the email you want to mark.

    • The content of the email is displayed in the middle of the screen in the column on the right.

  5. Click on the star icon (top right) to mark the email as a favorite (see Figure 5.1).

    • Use the star icon (top right) to select the email as a favorite (see Figure 5.1).

  6. Mark and categorise your email with the functions or keywords predefined by the system or by you. To do this, select the email you want to mark.

  7. In the opened email, select the dots icon in the upper right corner.

    • The menu opens. Select "Add a tag" (see Figure 7.1).

    • Write the respective keyword in the "Add a tag" line below the sender (see Figure 7.2).

  8. You define or change predefined keywords under "Preferences" > "Mail" area in the "Labels" tab.

Problems or questions?

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