Creating a new calendar or subscribing to calendar

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What you need to know

You can create your own calendars and make them available to your team members.
Optionally adjustable is the possibility to be invited to appointments by third parties or to subscribe to webmail calendars of HFU members.

After logging in, the email mode is usually displayed as the start page. Switch to calendar mode (top right) with this icon

What you have to do

  1. In addition to the displayed calendars (see Figure 1.1), create another one (e.g. team or event calendar) by clicking on the plus sign to the right behind "Calendar list" (top left), see Figure 1.2, and entering a suitable name.

    • The newly created calendar will be inserted at the bottom of the calendar list.

    • Use the slide switch in front of the calendar name to hide the corresponding calendar (see Figure 1.3).

  2. You can make further configurations via the dots menu behind the respective calendar (see Figure 2.1):

    • Under "Properties" you set among other things, what is displayed and how you are notified, as well as the colour of the calendar. To do this, click on the colour pot on the top left in front of the calendar title.

    • Under "Links to this Calendar" (see figure 2.2) you will get links that help you to integrate this calendar into external calendars.

    • Under "Sharing" (scroll to the end of the menu) you can grant webmail users (different) access rights to this calendar (see figure 2.3) .

  3. Subscribe to a calendar shared with you by another webmail user by clicking the plus sign after "Subscriptions" (see Figure 3.1) and searching for the name of the user who shared the calendar (see Figure 3.2).

    • The calendar inserted in this way will be placed at the bottom of the "Subscriptions" list.

    • If no subscription is possible, then it is possible that no calendar has yet been shared with you (see step 2.3).

Problems or questions?

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