Mozilla Thunderbird

EMAIL 20-010

What you need to know

You want to set up the free mail program Mozilla Thunderbird to manage your HFU mail account.

You can get the Mozilla Thunderbird mail program for download here:

The HFU email system offers the possibility to use the comfortable protocol "IMAP" for this purpose. The following instructions describe how to configure Thunderbird for this purpose.

Please note:
Unfortunately no further support for this email program can be provided!

What you have to do

  1. Start Thunderbird.

    • When you open it for the first time, the Startup Wizard will open to help you set up your email account.

    • The Start Assistant will not open if you are already using Thunderbird with another email account. In this case, a manual call of the start wizard via the click sequence --> Extras --> Account settings is required.

  2. Select Account Actions "Add email account".

    • A new "Set up account" screen opens.

  3. Enter your data:

    • Enter your full name in the upper input field.

    • Enter your HFU email address in the next field.

    • Enter the password of your HFU account.

    • Click on "Next".

    • A new "Server Information" screen opens.

  4. Thunderbird will now automatically try to set up the account by selecting the type "IMAP".

    • Click the "Edit manually" button to set up the account with the recommended settings.

    • Enter "" (alternatively "") in the input fields for the incoming and outgoing mail server.

  5. Enter the following data:

    • For "Inbox server, select port: 993 (SSL).

    • For "Outgoing mail server" select port: 465 (SSL).

    • Enter the user name from the access ID of your HFU account.

    • Click "Done" to complete the account settings.

    • For the settings of the incoming and outgoing mail server we recommend:

      Alternatively, "" is also possible.

Problems or questions?

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Contact us at the following number 07723 920 9585 or log a support request under "E-Mail" at