Problems with echo and noise (participation without headset)


What you need to know

As of version 8.13.3, you can activate echo cancellation to participate in meetings without a headset.
As of version 8.15.0, you can use noise reduction to reduce distracting sounds.

What you have to do

  1. To set echo cancellation, proceed as follows:

    • Bring up the settings on the right (gear icon  ).

    • Activate echo cancellation - below the voice activation level.

    • Echo cancellation is activated for all further meetings.

  2. To set noise reduction, proceed as follows:

    • Open "Show all settings" in the settings (gear icon ) at the very bottom.

    • Click on "Audio" on the left.

    • Activate "Noise reduction".

    • Noise reduction is activated for all further meetings.

Problems or questions?


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