Disconnections and instability


What you need to know

There can be many causes of malfunctions or instability during an online lecture. In the worst case, this can also lead to a termination of the existing connection.

The following information will help you avoid or compensate for possible bottlenecks in order to stabilise your online lectures.

What you have to do

  1. To diagnose your internet speed, you can measure your broadband (for example, External link opens in a new window:Broadband measurement by the German Federal Network Agency).

    • The upload should be at least 2 Mbit/sec.

  2. Switch to a LAN connection (if possible) instead of a WLAN connection.

    • A wired connection often results in a more stable connection.

  3. Reduce the bandwidth used by setting the bandwidth usage in the alfaview app under:  Settings > "Video" set the dropdown "Bandwidth usage screen sharing" to the value "Reduced".

    After that, remove the checkmark from "Improved video quality".

    • Videos of participants are deactivated, but videos of moderators are still transmitted. Your own video is transmitted in reduced quality.

    • You can also lower the bandwidth one step further to minimum: all videos are deactivated, including your own video. However, the screen transmission and the transmission of audio remain unchanged by this setting.

  4. Reduce the amount of audio transmission. For this purpose, follow the instructions in the FAQ AVIEW-1030.

    • The packet size of the audio transmission is reduced.

  5. If the tips described here do not solve the problem, then the malfunctions could also be due to a bottleneck in alfaview's database system, and for this reason there may be temporary restrictions on use.

    • In this case or with any other questions, please contact the service desk.

Problems or questions?


Contact us at the following number 07723 920 9585 or log a support request under "Sonstige Dienste und Anfragen" at servicedesk.hs-furtwangen.de.