Problems with webcam sharing (macOS)


What you need to know

The integrated or external webcam is not displayed?

This card shows some possible solutions.

Please note: The following instructions are primarily intended for users who use the MacOS operating system.

What you have to do

  1. It is best to check whether the correct camera is selected before entering the room. You can do this in the room in the settings (gear icon).

  2. For an external webcam, check the connection.

    • If you find any damage to the cable or jack, replace your capture device.

  3. Check if the camera used by macOs is recognised.

  4. Check whether the settings in your operating system allow camera sharing in alfaview.

    • To do this, bring up the "System settings".

    • Click on "Security" and then on "Privacy" and then on the camera.

    • Check whether alfaview has been granted the appropriate permission.

Problems or questions?


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