eKlausur@home - your students' internet connection breaks down


What you need to know

One or more examinees have technical problems because the internet connection suddenly breaks during an eKlausur@home.

No need to worry: the students' previous answers are saved.

Answers already saved in FELIX are not lost. FELIX forces students to save their answers after each question.
For free text questions, there is an automatic save function so that FELIX automatically saves at certain intervals.
As soon as the internet connection is available again, the exam can be continued at the point where it was last saved.

What you have to do

  1. For what students need to do to get back to the exam, you and your students can refer to Helpcard 1020 .

  2. If you decide to give the student more time, you can find instructions on how to do so on Helpcard 2030.

Problems or questions?


Contact us at the following number 07723 920 9585 or log a support request under "Sonstige Dienste und Anfragen" at servicedesk.hs-furtwangen.de.