eKlausur@home - setting compensation for disadvantage before start of test


What you need to know

You want to extend the previously defined test period for an individual to compensate for disadvantage?
You can already configure this before the start of the exam.
Prerequisite: the examinee must have already enrolled in the exam course.
Please note: for the extension of the test period when the exam has already started (e.g. due to technical problems), please follow the instructions on Helpcard 2030.

What you have to do

  1. In your corresponding "EKLK_Mastercourse (eKlausur@home)", under "To exam", click on the "eKlausur@home" course component.

    • The "test cockpit" opens. You have the same view that you can reach via Administration > Assessment tool.

  2. Click on the "cogwheel" on the right above the table and deactivate those table columns in the view that you do not need (e.g. user name, visibility, doc,) so that you can see the "three dot menu" on the far right at the end of the table for each examinee.

  3. Locate the appropriate examinee(s) who is to receive disadvantage compensation.

  4. Click the 3 dot menu at the end of the line of the examinee in question.

    • A list with various options will open.

  5. Click on Add disadvantage compensation.

  6. Fill in the input mask with the requested data ("approved by", "approval date" and "additional time in minutes").

  7. Confirm by clicking Extend.

    • The additional time appears in the overview table in the "Additional" column.

Problems or questions?


Contact us at the following number 07723 920 9585 or log a support request under "Sonstige Dienste und Anfragen" at servicedesk.hs-furtwangen.de.