Take-Home-Exam - extending submission time


What you need to know

Someone needs an extension on the submission time, e.g. due to technical problems with the file upload.

What you have to do

  1. Click on the "Take-Home Exam" course element in your Take-Home Exam course.

    • In the tab "All participants" you will find all participants who are enrolled in your course.

  2. In the row of the student in question click on "Extend".

    • The "Extend for [Name]" window appears.

  3. Enter a new submission time.

    • The submission is extended for this student. If the submission time period has already expired, this will reopen the submission until the extended time expires.

Problems or questions?


Contact us at the following number 07723 920 9585 or log a support request under "Sonstige Dienste und Anfragen" at servicedesk.hs-furtwangen.de.