Using the course chat

FELIX 20-100

What you need to know

The FELIX course chat is a very simple way to exchange messages with people in real time - so-called "chatting". It is only available within a course and then only for the participants of this specific course. The course chat can be activated or deactivated in the settings (under the "Toolbar" tab).

What you have to do

  1. Open the course chat in the course view by clicking the "Course chat" icon.

    • The course chat will open.

    • Any course participant, regardless of their course role, can start the course chat and leave the course chat at any time.

    • In the course chat that opens, you can now see a list of participants currently active in the chat under "Participants" on the right. If a participant leaves the chat, his or her contribution remains.

  2. Write a message in the opened chat window and click "Send".

    • The sent message will be displayed to all people who are in the respective course chat.

    • To view the chat history, open the chat window of the desired course chat. Then select the period of the history at the top. You can view the chat history for the last day, week, or month.

    • If you want to contact only a certain course chat participant, click on his name in the chat window. In the opened business card of the participant you can compose and send a mail to the selected person under "Contact" on the left. Do not forget to check the "Copy to sender" box.

    • Common symbols like laugh or wink, cool or amazed are supported. Also thumbs up ( + ) and thumbs down ( - ).

  3. Exit the course chat by closing the window.

    • The course chat is active when there is at least one active person in it.

Problems or questions?

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