Uploading single or zipped files

FELIX 30-031

What you need to know

In a course folder (see Helpcard 30-030), individual files can be uploaded or multiple files can be set using a zipped archive.

If required, you can have the capacity of a folder increased. To do so, write to your support (see below for contact) with the following information: Title of the course or group and title of the folder.
The newly set storage capacity will not be copied when copying the course! However, you will keep all materials. When renewing or adding further files in this folder, you have to request the extended storage capacity again.

What you have to do

  1. In your course, open the folder where you want to upload the material(s).

  2. Select "Upload file" (top right).

    • The "Upload file" window appears.

  3. Click the icon to select a file or drag and drop the zip folder into the selection box.

  4. If you clicked on "Select file", then select the desired file/zip archive by double-clicking on it.

    • The file name will be displayed in the upload window.

  5. Confirm the selection or upload of the file/archive with "Upload".

    • Uploading the file may take some time depending on the size.

    • The file/archive is displayed in the folder.

  6. Check the checkbox in front of the uploaded zip file and click "Unzip" to unzip the zip file and make the files available to the students one by one.

    • The unzipped folder appears in the course folder as another folder.

    • To avoid unnecessary nesting of folders, we recommend that you move the unzipped files to the course folder and delete the then empty unzipped folder and zip file.

  7. To do this, click "Select All" and "Move" in the unzipped folder below the file list.

    • The "Move objects" window opens.

  8. Check if the parent folder is selected and click "Move".

    • You may need to click the corresponding folder in the course tree again to refresh the view.

  9. Select the zip archive and the empty folder by placing a check mark in front of the file/folder names and click "Delete". Confirm the operation with "Yes".

    • The files/folders are removed.

Problems or questions?