Conducting and following up on a digital oral exam


What you need to know

How to conduct a digital oral exam and what to do afterwards?

What you have to do

  1. Execution

    • Perform a technical check about 10 minutes before the exam:
      - Can you hear each other well?
      - Can you see each other well?
      - Can files be shared - if necessary?
      Log any problems that occur.

    • Ask to see the student's HFU ID card for identification.

    • Discuss the regulations:
      - Only permitted aids may be used.
      - No persons other than the persons to be examined may be present in the room.
      - Recording of the examination is not allowed.

  2. Follow-up

    • The result shall be communicated to the examinees following the examination.

    • Make brief notes about the examination.

Problems or questions?

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