eKlausur@home - Preparing for an eKlausur@home


What you need to know

An eExam@home is an exam that takes place within a fixed and short time frame (e.g. 90 minutes) on the student's home computer.
The exam is taken at the same time (synchronously) for all students (with or without the camera switched on). Students work on a FELIX test, which can consist of different question formats (e.g. single-choice, multiple-choice, drag and drop, true/false,, cloze, hotspot, free text, file upload, etc.).

In general, we recommend designing the exam as an open-bookexam (access to literature, sources... is allowed), as copying among students cannot be prevented in this format. More information about this can be found on Helpcard Internal link opens in a new window:20-005.

We recommend that you conduct a mock exam. We will be happy to assist you by checking the mock exam and also your eKlausur@home for set configurations.
During the eKlausur@home we are also available by phone for support.

What you have to do

  1. Copy the eKlausuren@home master course suitable for your setting and configure it (see Helpcard Internal link opens in a new window:20-080).

  2. Create your questions for the eKlausur@home in the question pool (see Helpcards Internal link opens in a new window:40-110 and Internal link opens in a new window:40-120) and generate a test from your questions (see Helpcard Internal link opens in a new window:20-060).

    • You can still link in the mock exam and/or written exam after our exam. Until then, the HFU quiz remains linked in the course as a "dummy test".
      We will also be happy to check your course again after integrating the mock exam/exam, provided that you send it to us 5 days before the exam via the pre-configured email form in the master course (see following step).

  3. Send Learning Services your exam data via the pre-configured email form "eKlausurMaster ready" in the master course at least 5 days before the exam is to be held.
    In addition, be sure to indicate any special features of your eKlausur@home (e.g. number of students with disadvantage compensation, information on whether the exam is already integrated or not, ...).

    • Inform Learning Services well in advance if you need to reschedule your exam date.

  4. Communicate...
    (1) ... the exam date, the course link, and the mandatory, timely submission of the consent form (if enrollment is already active) to your students. Ask your students to enroll in the exam course.

    (2) ... An alternative communication channel in case of technical malfunctions (e.g., phone number). In case of a technical problem, ask your students to contact you immediately via this channel so that solutions can be found.

    (3) ... the examination modalities (open-book/closed-book) and possible consequences of attempted cheating.

    • On the info page of your exam course (in the General Information section) you will find a PDF with important information on the topics of attempted cheating and procedure. We strongly recommend that you discuss these points with your students before the exam.

    • The link to the exam course for your students, can be found at the top centre under "Course Info" (light bulb). The "External Link" is then located at the bottom of the screen.

  5. Check the submitted consent forms as described in Helpcard 40-010.

  6. Read our tips for the actual implementation of the test and familiarise yourself with the "Test Cockpit", see (Helpcard Internal link opens in a new window:20-020).

  7. If examinees receive compensation for disadvantage, you can already include this before the start of the exam (see Helpcard Internal link opens in a new window:FAQ EPRUEFUNG-2035).

  8. If you or your students still have questions about problems that may arise, you will find frequently asked questions and answers regarding the eKlausur@home in ourInternal link opens in the same window: FAQs in the category "Online Exams".
    Your question is not listed? Please write a ticket to the External link opens in a new window:service desk.

Problems or questions?

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