eKlausur@home - After the examination


What you need to know

After the exam, you can:
(1) correct the exam directly in Felix and/or export the results
(2) export the corrected questions for an exam review
(3) request archiving

What you have to do

  1. Please check if your exam or exam course is inaccessible to others:
    - Your course should have the status "Preparation"
    - Access to your test course element should be blocked for students

  2. Correction of the exam: correction of the exam can be done directly in FELIX. The data can also be exported for correction outside of Felix.
    Instructions can be found on Helpcard 20-110.

  3. Viewing of exam: HelpCard 20-120 shows you how to download the corrected questions for an exam review from FELIX.

  4. Archiving: Please inform us via the standard email form in your examination course if you need archiving (you can find this under "E-mail formulation" > "Archiving"). To ensure that the correction made in FELIX can also be archived, you should request  archiving from us promptly after correction.
    We can only archive for you if this request reaches us at latest one week after the official end of the exam period.

Problems or questions?

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